5 reasons why you should pay for digital strategy and social media advice?

Image courtesy of Jen Collins

1. Free advice is expensive

When looking for advice free on the internet, there is plenty of it and with no charge. Often you can’t be sure of the advice that we find online, the credentials of the source, the age and whether the context of the advice applies to your particular situation. Not only does it take longer to develop a DIY plan, but it can be exceptionally costly, having to pay a professional to undo unnecessary and often damaging steps.

2. You competition are paying for it.

The start-ups and small and medium enterprises that will still be around in five years’ time are the ones that are investing in good all round advice. They take advice on everything, funding, location, property, business analysis and marketing. Businesses that pay for advice, cut out a large chunk of the learning curve, saving time and building profitability faster. They are paying for experience and knowledge that they don’t have

3. You will access well networked experts

Your consultant will have a network of good designers, developers, SEO experts, content and social media managers. They will also know about which tools are the best to get the job done for your particular business eliminating the costly effect of trial and error when going it alone. Your consultant will also know which other professionals to instruct based on your budget.

4. You will save time and money

It is clear that by hiring a digital strategist that you want to get it right. First time. The trial and error approach costs start-ups and small businesses a disproportionate amount of money and often contributes to their downfall. The less time you spend making mistakes, the more time you’re implementing a plan that will make your business profitable. Not rocket science. Furthermore your advisor won’t advise you to pay for something that you don’t need. You will avoid the pitfalls of going in to buy a bicycle and leaving with a Ferrari.

5. Get an edge on others in your industry

It is surprising how many businesses simply google all the developers in their local area pick a few ask for a quote and go with the one that may not necessarily be the cheapest but appears to give them best value for money. The thing is web developers and graphic artists are not social media managers and while many have cross trained, a thorough strategy document will not only place the business in an informed position regarding expectations but will also enable the contractor to structure the project by outsourcing or sharing the project.

When your competitors are simply instructing a graphic designer followed by a web developer, followed by an SEO professional, followed by a social media manager, followed by a paid marketing specialist, there is a lot that can and does go wrong. By using a single consultant to bring all these skills under a single roof, often using a single stable, your business has the edge on the competition.

Ruth Richards-Hill provides independent digital strategy consultancy and specialises in startups and small business. Her contact details can be found online onher LinkedIn profile, or her business page.

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