Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved
Joshua Topolsky

“The truth is that the best and most important things the media (let’s say specifically the news media) has ever made were not made to reach the most people — they were made to reach the right people.”

So true. Love this piece. We also think a lot about how the media industry can save itself — and the solution may not only be to prioritize great content, as you suggest, but to also leverage that content with sophisticated, personalized distribution and engagement. Create amazing stories and make sure the people who actually care are the ones seeing it. Media companies can and should tailor their outreach to their readers, listeners and viewers. With audiences becoming fragmented, and free content distracting us at every turn, personalized distribution and repeat engagement can be the panacea we’re looking for. We just blogged about it this week, taking a look at what CNN is doing right with its mobile strategy.

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