At night, in the silent depressing home, sleep would not pervade his being. As he lay awake, the smell, scent of rain washed through the apartment. Grey, black, and shades of blue. Curtains, tiles, carpet, each it’s own shade of blue, and John was no exception. Earlier that day, when the room was a shade lighter, and a color different, sleep wouldn’t have been an issue.

“John, come here, we need to talk…” In the middle of the day she couldn’t have been more beautiful. Meryl, raven haired, five foot five, clad in her red blazer had been the image of perfection for him. And across the hall in this echo chamber, this mall, in its dull grey mirrors, couldn’t have done a better job at hiding her ambitions.

“Ya, Mer?” He spoke, head tilted down against the backdrop of blues and grays.

“You’ve…You’ve really got to stop following me around.”

“What you mean, Mer? You invited me here, ya did.”

“Of course I did, so that I could tell you face to face to stay away from me. You wouldn’t listen to me texts or messages, so doing it this way it best.” Her voice audibly trembling as each word fell through her.

“But Mer, I-“

“No, stop.” she cried, “my boyfriend is here, if you try anything I swear to god”

“But we love each other.”

“No. We do not. Just stop.” Her cries growing in intensity, gathering a eyes on her and John. “Leave me alone, John.” She turns around, leaving him alone in the grays and blues, eyes tacked to his chest and heart.