7 Personal Goals That Matter

New Year Goals for 2016

It’s that time again, where we decide to leave behind all the nonsense of last year and go into the new year stronger than ever. Some people follow this practice religiously while others roll their eyes and keep on as if this is just another day of the week (which it technically is). All I can say is that setting personal goals does matter — on both a micro and macro scale. Whatever you decide to do, there are some more basic and often undermined problems that we need to address, and turning them into goals may be the only way to do so.

Personal Goals for 2016

  1. Know Your Compass. By that I mean what drives you. What motivates you to get up in the morning? Why is it important? When you know the reason behind your passions, you have the foundation needed to take action.
  2. Get Good Sleep. I have learned to love sleep, because it can often be the difference between a productive or a lackluster day. A recent survey illustrates the problem with lack of sleep, where some people “commonly attributed their irritability, poor eating habits, and forgetfulness to lack of sleep.”
  3. Eat Well and Exercise Often. I put these two together because in all honesty, you can’t do one effectively without the other. Nevermind what certain products and programs promise, there is a more effective way to be fit and healthy — a balance of eating the right amount of the right foods and staying active.
  4. Write Down Goals. Personally, I can attest to the effectiveness of writing anything down and getting it done. From goals to daily chores, the act of writing things down increases the chances of actually achieving it. A powerful new study from professor Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto illustrates this in a fantastic way.
  5. Frugal Beats Fancy. This has been challenging for me, but then I saw this little gem and it gave me a ray of hope. The smallest actions can reap the most benefits over time, and even some wealthy people live beneath their means.
  6. Stay Smart. Learn something new. Brush up on old skills that you might have forgotten. Thanks to the internet you no longer have to rely on schools and libraries to get educated. Sites like Lynda, Udemy and Skillshare have tons of online courses (some of which are free).
  7. Give. This Christmas was a rare treat for me. It was the first time that I ever got people gifts without expecting anything in return. And it felt good. I often think of how I can be more giving, and here’s an article giving the best reasons to do it.

Onward to Success

In 2015, I achieved two of these seven important personal goals — Stay Smart and Exercise Often…I’m still working on the Eat Well part. I’m not in the business of telling others what to do, but from what I’ve researched and the stories I’ve heard these are a must to be successful. It’s not enough to do a few of them and expect results. While there’s nothing wrong with baby steps, eventually I and anyone else will have to get the hang of this. It won’t be easy, and there will be obstacles in our way. But who wants to have the same resolution every year because we failed the last time? Not me. So here’s to success on a smaller scale…and the best part is that we don’t have to worry about being skinny or rich.

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