First Impressions: Making Your Appearance Count

From the moment you walk into a room, especially in the business world, your appearance conveys subliminal messages to those all around you. From the way you smell, the style of your clothing, and even the accessories that accompany you, you are non-verbally communicating with everyone else.

Every hiring manager knows how much a first impression can stick around long after the interview is over. However, the problem is that not every person going in for that interview knows the importance of appearance and what it conveys to your interviewer.

My presentation outline will follow three main aspects of appearance which all convey different non-verbal messages to your business peers or interviewer. The first topic is grooming habits. Secondly, I talk about your style and what it conveys. Next I move to accessories and how accessorizing can help or hurt you. Finally comes the conclusion, where I give a value statement suggesting that my peers employ these tactics next time they have an interview or performance review to make the right impression.

Overall, I aim to teach my audience the importance of appearance and its effect on non-verbal communication, and how to use the perceptions of appearance to their advantage to make a great first impression.