Breach and Tales Of Chain to Work Together Expanding Blockchain Gaming

In our journey of providing the best blockchain gaming experience to our community, as well as establishing a strong presence in the market, we are continuously looking for partners to help us extend our reach and cooperate to help our community get the best experiences of NFTs, Metaverse, social, and gaming, all in one place!

That’s why, we are proud to introduce our new partner, Tales Of Chain, a unique blockchain NFT card game.

At Breach, we see things differently and we align ourselves with outstanding partners that share our vision of a decentralized social metaverse, empowering individuals and giving everyone the best tools to own and benefit from their data and time.

What will Breach and Tales Of Chain do together?

As we are both blockchain platforms and share similar vision and mission, we aim at increasing awareness and adoption of Blockchain platforms with the following:

  • Co-hosted special campaigns for both communities to expand and benefit both of our communities.
  • Long-term partnership aimed at keeping the doors open for the teams behind the projects to help each other and build a strong base.

This partnership will increase adoption of metaverse and blockchain gaming while at the same time sharing the vision of Breach with the world in new and rewarding ways, especially in the gamified social platform sector, Alpha Launch Q1 2022. Our long-term partners will also help us increase awareness of our coming features including Levellabe Metaverse Avatars, NFTs, P2E Game, and more throughout 2022 and 2023.

About Tales Of Chain

Tales of Chain brings Play-to-Earn card game to a brand new level. Based on NFTs that allows you to have true ownership over your digital monster and card collection.

Website | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

About Breach

First Terra Luna gaming ecosystem transforming gamers’ online identity into a Metaverse Avatar that levels up from dueling, socializing, and matching. It’s a gamified social platform to discover new games, find players to match with on whether online games or blockchain games, play-to-earn, connect, form guilds, share your game highlights, and find gaming content.

Breach is building native NFT games ranging from NFT card game, FPS, Fighting and more. In addition to gaming, Breach Social enables all gamers to connect with the world and as they do, gain XP points and levels adding more power to their Metaverse Avatars.

One Avatar. Owned by you. Working for you. Upgrade it in one game and use it in all the others!

Follow us to learn more about Breach and the upcoming exclusive offers:

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Breach is a GameFi Social Platform which in itself is a native NFT Arena game making gamers online identity into a Metaverse Avatar. Connect, match, earn.