This $5 CoD League Is Yours For The Taking

It’s Map 1 in the championship series against the reigning title-holders from Season 1, Rush Enterprises. On a Breakout — Hardpoint, the score is 240–215, and you’re down for the count.

“Commissary next! Rotate, we can still win!”

“I spawned cave, somebody watch mid!”

There’s 60 seconds left, and the final hill just went live.

“I’m in next! They spawned up, get ready!”

One teammate has wall-run covered with the NV4, one is anchoring the back, and you’re heading to help out in mid-map. You look up at the score.


Chills run up your spine because you know the next 20 seconds will be the difference between victory or defeat. Everything you’ve practiced leading up to right now, every scrim, every match, every single map you’ve played all come down to this moment. As your teammates make callouts, you can hear the shakiness in their voices. Together, you’ve fought through hundreds of victories, but this is something new and let’s be honest — you’re nervous. You know the shoutcasters are watching every gunfight, your friends are waiting to tweet about every play, and winning this map is the first step to becoming the best.

240–241. You’ve just taken the lead.

12 seconds on the clock. You hear flashes go off.

“I’m flashed mid! I’m flashed mid!”

You slide around the corner to help your teammate in mid, and shoot. You lay onto the trigger and don’t let go. One down.

“That’s one!”

You can hear your teammate on hill calling out that he’s killed one off wall-run.

“Wall-run dead!”

Another opponents darts from mid map, but you take him out because you switched up your spot, catching him off-guard.

“3 down!”


The last opponent throws his body out in desperation and your teammate makes quick work of him. That’s all 4.



You hear what sounds like one teammate throwing his Astros to the ground in excitement, and his faded shouts from through them.


Something isn’t right.

“Let’s go! You’re gunna be late for school! Now hurry up and get dressed, I’ll start the car.”

You wake up in disbelief. What used to be a KBAR is actually a pillow-pet. Your PS4 isn’t even turned on. Its 7AM on a Thursday morning and you’re gunna be late for Geometry.

Reluctantly, you drag yourself out of bed, and grudgingly get into the car for school.

You think to yourself,

“At least I have Breakout tonight.”