Learn recruiting tips from other CEOs and VPs of Talent

The Breakout List
Mar 16 · Unlisted

If you’re the CEO of a series A or B stage company, or a VP/Head of Talent at a series A+ company, we’d love to help you learn from your peers so you can be more successful at recruiting!

We’re collecting and privately sharing best practices and tips related to recruiting for CEOs and VPs of Talent (both tech and non-tech).

We’re interviewing people off the record to talk about their top challenges, what’s worked, what hasn’t, etc. Then, we’re going to write up summary notes without attribution to anyone. That way you can invest a small amount of time to learn a lot from your peers — potentially discovering valuable insights, being able to benchmark yourself, and seeing where you’re facing challenges that others are too.

To participate, book a 15 minute call slot here.


The Breakout List

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