Written by Mary Iannone and R Ferari, on behalf of Breakthrough U.S.

Content note: The following piece discusses the epidemic of violence and murder against trans women of color in the United States.

Dana Martin. Jazzaline Ware. Ashanti Carmon. Claire Legato. Muhlaysia Booker. Michelle ‘Tamika’ Washington. Johana ‘Joa’ Medina. Paris Cameron. Layleen Polanco. Chynal Lindsey. Chanel Scurlock. Zoe Spears. Brooklyn Lindsey. Denali Berries Stuckey. Kiki Fantroy. Pebbles LaDime Doe. Tracy Single. Bailey Reeves. Bee Love. Ja’leyah-Jamar.

You might — and must — know the names of these individuals. …

Artists and cultural workers are pivotal contributors to social change. They are catalysts who help us to imagine communities rooted in equity and radical love. Breakthrough VOICES is a space for artists to not only amplify their own talents but to use those talents to inspire others.

In the latest installment of Breakthrough VOICES, Jarrett Key creates an installment of their Hair Painting series.

Jarrett Key is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work integrates movement, heightened language, and music predominantly. They are a recent grad from Brown University, where they double concentrated in Theater Arts and Public Policy.

Jarrett is primarily a Producer and Director/Choreographer for theater, music, and dance. Since their arrival to the city, Jarrett has integrated visual and literary art into their body of work. Jarrett enjoys telling stories and engaging the community in the moments they create in their work. …

by Monica Casper, for Breakthrough RESIST

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Last Thursday, while driving my fifteen-year-old daughter to school, she asked, “Mom, why do men hate women?” We had been discussing Alabama’s anti-abortion legislation, and she was keen to better understand why politicians would pass laws that criminalize girls and women. She was especially horrified that rape victims — some younger than she — could be forced to carry a rapist’s baby to term.

I struggled to find the right answer. As a scholar of gender, health, and reproduction, there were many ways I might have responded. But I could not say, “Men don’t hate women.” Because it’s not true. The twenty-five white Republican men who voted for the Alabama Human Life Protection Act, which would punish doctors who perform abortions with up to 99 years in prison, surely must hate women. …


Breakthrough U.S.

Using #media #art #tech & #leadership to build #humanrights #culture where everyone enjoys #dignity, #equality, & #respect.

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