Ladies, time to take your orgasm into your own hands!

Hey ladies! Masturbation is safe, fun and good for you.

Solo Sex Is The Safest Sex

OK, I know deep down you’re asking, “why can’t I just find a wonderful partner with great sex skills and heart melting chemistry and boink like bunnies?” I know, I know.

But taking care of your own sexual needs will go a long way in taking pressure off yourself until that next partner of yours comes along. Plus, orgasms may help your broken heart heal but did you know that the big O is a natural painkiller? True!

That’s where erotica comes in … I personally include erotica as part of my solo sex life while I am waiting for my Mr. Next to show up.

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Erotica is a Major Player in My Pleasure Plan:

1. Easy enough, erotica turns me on, and I’m not alone. In 2011, $10 billion was spent on romance books by women in the U.S. alone. You can’t tell me there aren’t thousands of women getting busy every turn of the page.

2. It feels just a bit naughty and as a natural-born rebel, I love that feeling. I couldn’t even say the word sex without blushing til I was over 50. Twenty years of born again Christianity didn’t help. Now I celebrate my amazing sexual energy and being single!

3. It’s becoming more socially acceptable for women to talk about and engage in solo sex. For grown up Catholic girls like me, I can still barely say the word “masturbation” but I have come to adore solo sex. After all, solo is the safest.

4. It can be pretty hot for men just thinking about a woman who thinks about sex. It gets hotter for you when it is hotter for him. You can’t lose.

5. I sleep great after masturbating, especially after reading erotica.

6. I love to write my own erotica. One time my ex and I were serving jury duty together and in the waiting room, I wrote a short story. I passed my computer to him every few paragraphs. It was so fun watching his face as he read it.

7. No one knows me better than me. Even if I am with a great partner, it’s my responsibility to make sure my sexual tank is full. I am a better lover when I love myself first. (How I used pleasure to recover from my divorce)

8. Women’s libido not withstanding, it’s still hard for some women to openly talk about their lack of sexual satisfaction. Dabbling in erotica creates the opportunity for truth and conversation about sexual desire and pleasure.

9. Sex sells. When I embraced erotica and began to publish my short stories, my blog readership exploded and my business started to grow. Slowly at first and now at rocket speed, my circle of influence is growing. Prosperity seems to follow great sex, a nice fringe benefit. Who knew?

10. There’s nothing like the Big O. We should have as many as we want, whether we are single, married or anywhere in between. As a 60 something woman who loves arousal and pleasure, I celebrate my body and the fact that I don’t need a partner to fulfill my desires, for now.

Erotica is far more than a flight of fancy. Your very health and well being is at stake. I hope you will be inspired to do a little investigation for yourself, and you can start right here. Come visit me. I can’t wait to see what you think.

Catherine is a Master Law of Attraction coach who is starting to understand why Napoleon Hill devoted an entire chapter to sex in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich. For more info, check out