How to respond to customer reviews

As a company with a social media account it is almost inevitable that you will have a customer complain on your site or review section. This article is a great read on how to respond and deal with the different feedback you may receive. A lot of times I think a company may think it is best to ignore negative feedback. However, this article highlights that any feedback is good feedback and companies should be responding to all reviews. By responding to all reviews it shows the other customers that you are reading and understand the issues at hand. Even if a customer is complaining their complaint could help you fix a situation and help another customer from receiving that same bad service.

This article does a great job at explaining how to respond to negative feedback, positive feedback and also neutral feedback. In the case you receive a negative review you should sincerely apologize for the upset and offer to make things right. By responding to this issue you can possibly win back this customer and prevent them from spreading and posting on social media about their bad experience. In the case of receiving a positive review it is always important to thank the customer for their time in posting that review and their loyalty to your brand. Lastly, with a neutral review take the time to ask what the negative sentiment was and provide an apology and possibly a solution to their issue. This will cause the customer to want to work with you and hopefully return back to purchase something again. All of this information about responding to reviews is really important and I think super helpful to a company if they put it to use. I can only help your customer base grow.

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