Twitter chat #thinkbigwithMarsha

Before this week’s module I had never even heard of Twitter chat. However, after participating in one I really like them. I think Twitter chat is a great way to discuss things.

Today, I participated in the Twitter chat #thinkbigsundaywithmarsha. This twitter chat was basically for people to be able to discuss and share positive and encouraging thoughts and quotes.

I enjoyed the set up of the chat. It is a lot similar to the traditional Twitter feed. The page contains:

· Compose tweet box

· Retweet button

· Reply button

· Quote button

The chat was also helpful in the fact that every time I composed a tweet it already had the hashtag typed and attached to what I was typing. This gave me a better idea of my word count with the hashtag. I found that to be a very helpful aspect.

The chat I participated in was such an encouragement. I think it’s great that Marsha holds this chat every Sunday. I think it is a great way to start your week off. Getting encouraging thoughts from others can only help your week to get off to a good start.

I think these chats are a great way not only to discuss and share encouraging thoughts but to discuss other things such as:

· Politics

· Current events

· Travel discussions


· Shopping trends/stores

· Events

In the past I have not ben as involved on Twitter as I am on some of my other social media accounts. Twitter chat is a great way to interact and get involved in discussions about something that is interesting to you and others.

It’s nice to be able to chat with a group of people about something that is interesting to you. I also met some really nice people and gained a few followers by joining this chat.

Here is an example of some of the visuals that were in the chat.

With my personal branding page being focused on doing what makes you happy and being positive I was able to find several quotes that I took note of for my page. I cant wait to share them with of my followers.

I feel like if that chat was about something else for instance a new product I feel that it could be successful in promoting that new product. For example, you could answer questions about that product. Promote the chat and gain new customers through the chat. The possibilities with Twitter chat are endless.

I enjoyed my experience with Twitter chat and I think everyone should try it out at some point. Here is a link to some of the Twitter chats you can be a part of.

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