CNA week 8

Hillary Clinton defends kneeling NFL players, says ‘that’s not against our anthem or flag’

Clinton attempted to defend the NFL players by explaining kneeling as a reverent position and claims that is not our anthem or flag. Clinton encourages Democrats to resist Trump, to stand up and fight for what they believe. Clinton went on to compare this to the terrorist attack of 9/11 saying: “ We have really well-respected security and intelligence veterans saying this was a kind of cyber 9/11 in the sense that it was a direct attack to American institutions”

Larry Flynt offers $10M for dirt leading to help impeach Trump

Larry Flynt, publisher of Hustler Magazine, offers ten-million-dollars to anyone who gives information that would help impeach President Trump. Flynt advertised this by taking out a full page ad in the Washington Post. Flynt claims things are getting interesting and he is receiving information, but this isn't the first time he has offered money to find dirt on Donald Trump.

Federal Judge Blocks Latest Trump Travel Ban

A federal judge in Hawaii refused to carry out President Trump’s latest travel ban. Judge Derrick Watson believes that this travel ban discriminates against other nationalities and would not benefit the United States. Watson has received backlash from the White House in response to his recent verdict.

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