On Writing + Procrastination

Regardless of how clearly unhelpful a familiar narrative might be, it usually takes a lot of repeating before getting my attention.

I’ve been putting off starting a consistent writing practice for a while. Procrastination and I have an ongoing relationship, and that’s seemingly the single largest obstacle to fully committing to this particular endeavor. If the task at hand isn’t habitual, and isn’t immediately self-serving or gratifying in some way, I find it very difficult to instill consistency. Yet consistency in one’s work is necessary for growth, understanding, and progress of any kind.

I deeply believe it’s important to familiarize oneself with this particular difficulty. Procrastination stops us from starting and from continuing. It’s so very human, and will come up time and time again. As we continue to be plagued by it, it can become increasingly clear just how important it is to learn how to commit and do the work. Learning how to show up for something consistently can illuminate our limiting habits and beliefs that had prevented meaningful engagement in the first place.

All this to say that my procrastination is a mundane, common occurrence and nothing particularly worth noting. It’s not special in and of itself- that is, until we decide to familiarize ourselves with it. That’s where insight can take root. Here, procrastination serves as my starting point; what I wrangle with daily. Behind this, or perhaps because of it, lies the motivation for change. Realizing an acute desire to push the boundaries of this particular unhelpful habitual tendency (and the beliefs that come with it) is what inspires me to begin.

Here’s to committing, showing up, and recommitting. To honesty, whole-heartedness, and clarity of word. May we abide in compassion for self and other; and may our passions embody integrity.

Here’s to yet another beginning.

— — —

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