Easy Listening

Don’t know what I’m doing half the time

Trying my hardest to make it by.

I do things that’ll make me happy

Even if they’re momentary.

I try to start over

Give someone else a chance

But it seems the ones I choose

Never choose me back.

I have a nice body and a pretty face

But all they want is that sexual embrace.

Once I give it to them

They’re as good as gone.

I try to restrain

Because giving in

Means giving them

A peice of who I am.

And I don’t want just anybody to have a part of me.

When I give myself

I want them to have all of me.

But I would want the same in return.

I don’t have time to play those games

Where we put our hearts on the line

And sees who’s breaks first.

I don’t have time to feel vulnerable

Only to be broken.

I want to know you’re about this.

I want you to want this.

When I open up to you,

In any kind of way

You must be special to me.

Because I’m letting you have a part of me.

In hopes you’ll want the rest.


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