Tessa is Amazing Human #45!

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Tessa Parker is such a cute human. I am super grateful to have another Ottawa connection who has the same mission in mind, she’s so passionate and that’s a trait of an Amazing Human.

Interviewing someone that you don’t really know anything about is such a fantastic experience, you get to hear the passion in their voice when they talk about why they do what they do.

Tessa is a Mental Health Advocate and shes a Boss Babe who I admire. …

Steph is Amazing Human #44!

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Stephannie is more than just an amazing human or a connection, she’s a really good friend.

I love this girl that I’ve never met in real life the same as I love the ones I do know in real life. She’s a sweet soul and a beautiful person, inside and out.

I’m glad that I could include her in the Amazing Human Series, she’s definitely an Amazing Human! Get to know her in her podcast interview and let her know how much of a bad ass incredible woman that she is by finding her on Instagram @stephannieannsh !!!

Listen in here: https://anchor.fm/amazinghumanseries/episodes/Steph-Schade-Hagerty-e178dt

Thank you Stephannie for being AMAZING!!!

Jason is Amazing Human #43!

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Jason Hattrick. What a guy.

I am super duper blessed to have crossed paths with the one and only Jason Hattrick. Sometimes the word Amazing isn’t enough to describe some of these people that I get to meet.

Jason is so kind, he’s so outgoing, he’s so fabulous, and he really does embody what we want The Amazing Human Series to represent.

I’m not gonna give you a lot in this blog because I want you to listen in, and get to know Jason in the podcast interview…. He’s been one of my absolute favourite guests to date, he is just so amazing to talk to and get to know.

Listen in here: https://anchor.fm/amazinghumanseries/episodes/Jason-Hattrick-e16njl/a-a2no1k

Thank you so much Jason for being AMAZING!

Tony is Amazing Human #42!

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Tony Astacio or as I know him the @SirKingofGifs on Twitter is one of my favourite twitter friends.

Tony and I met on twitter in a chat I’m sure at some point. I probably loved him because of his use of gifs! I was so glad that I got to interview him on the podcast as he was a great guy to get to know and he had some very insightful things to say.

Podcasts are a great way to get to know people and it’s a great way to share your thoughts which is what Tony does with his podcast “10 years and counting” where he talks about many different aspects of the single life and he interviews others. …

Riaz is Amazing Human #41!

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Riaz Sidi is someone I stumbled across on facebook, I saw a video and thought that his charismatic attitude was just so awesome and refreshing. Then I realized that this guy was also from Ottawa and I just thought that was really quite fabulous!!

It’s always fun to find connections in your neck of the woods, especially when you’re really a fan of their work.

I then go to meet Riaz IRL at a networking conference put on by a company called eSAX. He was just as great in real life as he was in his youtube videos, and it was so cool to be able to hug, and selfie with someone I had met online. …

Dylan Black is Amazing Human #40!

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Just google the name Dylan Black and you will find SO MANY THINGS about how incredible this human is. He is really everything that The Amazing Human Series strives to highlight.

I met Dylan while volunteering with Partners for Mental Health, he attended events that I was volunteering at and he was always the sweetest, most welcoming, warmest, and always so intriguing. He usually was there to host or just speak for us and this is something he does all the time and at so many events.

Dylan Black is a radio announcer, hes a TV host, and broadcaster. He is a fund raising coordinator, he’s an MC and he really does fill his days with events. He’s attempting to do 365 events a year and he does almost do that many. …

Alex Carlson is Amazing Human #39!

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Alex is a connection I found on Instagram, and his company really piqued my interest based on the name of it “Mind Matter Ink” is Alex’s apparel company located here in Ottawa Ontario. I asked Alex to be on my show because after reading his story online I knew that I had found a really incredible guy. \

I wasn’t wrong, Alex had lot’s to tell me when I spoke to him in a live interview, he himself has had some health struggles as a child which is persevered through and was eventually drafted for the OHL which is incredible. …

Rebecca is Amazing Human #38!

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Rebecca Councill, learn this name, remember it, got it? Good.

Rebecca is a Social Media Strategist, Evernote Certified Consultant, Co-Founder and President of Social Media Association of Houston and Addicted to Social Media!

All of that aside, Rebecca is Amazingly connected. She is an incredible community builder, she is really incredibly supportive and no matter who you ask we all love her to bits.

Rebecca right now is a shining light in the darkness of Houston. She is constantly sharing, promoting and doing whatever she can to help her friends! Even though it’s actually a very tragic thing that happened in Houston and all of our hearts hurt for those affected, Rebecca is staying true to the woman we love by keeping things light, positive and about the community. …

Eric is Amazing Human #37!

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Eric Thomas Alber, is another one of those Fitness guys. *Insert Rolling Eyes*


Eric Thomas Alber is sooooo much more than fitness. He’s Fitness, he’s mental health, he’s lifestyle changes, he’s strength in all areas, he’s health from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes.

Eric is more an Instagram connection these days then anything else but we did meet on Snapchat. He’s been a part of this amazing community and he’s been here inspiring all of us to live healthier lives.

Eric recently brought to my attention a really cool course he’s creating. He’s putting it into the trial phase at the moment but it’s going to be focused on how your gut affects your mental health, this should be fascinating because I know that there is a serious link to what you eat and how your brain feels. This should be quite interesting and he’s on to something with this plan so stay tuned. Make sure you follow Eric to see how it all goes. (you can find him on Instagram click…

Sally is Amazing Human #36!

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Amazing Humans attract Amazing Humans & that’s the case with Katie Miller and Sally Shah.

Sally is a recent connection but when you know someone’s amazing, you just know.

She’s always Snapping, Insta Storying or posting about her teacher life and she’s such a cute, inspiring, positive light in a world that is not always seen in the best light!

The school systems seem to have a bad wrap but I don’t know enough about that to speak on it, however what I do know is that humans like Sally make school a place you want to be. …


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