Amazing Human Series; Adam Brown aka AdamTilted

Adam is Amazing Human #9

Where do I even begin with this guy????

Adam is all things amazing wrapped up into one adorable, lovable package.

He is the owner of Adam Brown Consulting a company who teaches others how to use their stories and tell stories using social media.

Adam is an advocate for 3 very important things; Disabilities, LGBTQ & HIV.

His passion for these 3 things is incredibly powerful and he is making a difference in these communities every single day.

Part of Adam’s story is his disability that was caused by nerve damage that causes him to lose balance, it was so bad at one point that he could not leave his home for 6 months. Now he must use a cane, or wheelchair in order to leave the house. This is an everyday struggle for him and on this alone we could leave it right here about how amazing he is. He has this everyday struggle but he still does what he can to make us giggle on snapchat (with things like Bedhead with Adam) and he advocates for other aspects of his life.

Adam’s latest project of amazingness is his teespring campaign (Find that HERE!) it’s a line of t-shirts, long sleeves, and sweaters that say I ❤ Someone with HIV & if you LOVE Adam then you are one of those people. He’s pretty hard not to love. 13% of HIV positive people don’t know they are infected, many afraid to get tested because of the stigma. Adam want’s the world to show them they will be loved with HIV or without.

Adam uses social to powerfully share his own stories. Especially important on removing stigma. Getting tested is super important for any kind of disease or sickness, but HIV is one of those things that has a huge stigma attached and you don’t want to be seen getting tested for this.

Only the brave tell their stories online. Adam is incredibly brave with the complete transparency he shows.

Adam fits so perfectly into this AMAZING Human category because he just simply is amazing. The fact that he story tells and advocates in a positive way is just that, AMAZING!

Along with HIV, a disability, depression AND anxiety, Adam just proves that you can do anything you set your mind to!

You can find him everywhere @AdamTilted Adam Brown

Thank you Adam for being so AMAZING!

Until next week,