Amazing Human Series; Hannah Maine

Hannah is Amazing Human #22!

She’s really flipping cute.

AND….. we’re done here.


Seriously Hannah Maine.

I followed her first on her Instagram @Totally.Mental & then I wanted to know who is behind this cute, real, completely authentic account??

I found Hannah Maine, who also happens to be a brand ambassador for another company I love to bits @WearYourLabel and she is so darn real.

It takes an insane amount of courage to tell your story, I’ve said this a billion times & I’ll say it again, because it does. Talking about your experiences in your life especially when it’s in the realm of mental illnesses is never something easy to talk about and it takes a lot of reflection because you have to accept that mental illness is something you face daily and Hannah has just embraced this piece of her and gone with it.

With her 6000 followers on instagram she’s created a community of like minded humans whom all resonate so deeply with her posts. She makes each of us realize we are not at all alone.

We’re in this together y’all!

Hannah is that friend you just cant help but adore, she’s got that “I just love you” thing about her. She’s cute, she’s real & she just looks fun! I enjoy humans like this and love being connected to women like this.

You can read Hannah’s story here: which gives you insight into this beautiful soul.

Make sure if you do anything after reading this that you follow her on the Gram especially @totally.mental because her posts & her community are all so AMAZING.

Thank You Hannah for being AMAZING!


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