Amazing Human Series; Janet Osborne

Janet is Amazing Human #6

Kindness comes in many forms, the kindest people can be the most unorthodox and people who have gone through incredible horrible things are sometimes the ones whom come out through their storm, the kindest of all. Janet is one of these people.

I don’t fully know Janet’s story but I do know that the woman I met at Partners for Mental Health is a beautiful soul, and an amazing human with incredible strength.

Janet & I met when I volunteered with Partners for Mental Health in Ottawa. One of our most important events every year is the James Strikes Back Bowl-a-thon. At the time, I had no idea the importance of this event or that Janet was behind it all.

Janet is truly a beacon of strength in the world of youth mental health. She has spent much of her time since 2011 doing what she can to raise awareness and funds for youth mental health initiatives. Janet lost her son in 2011 and he was an avid bowler — hence James Strikes Back. I don’t want to talk about this too much because I feel as though it is not my place but it is a huge component to who Janet is. It’s an added reason as to why she is so amazing. To any of us who have lost a loved one to suicide we know her pain and we know how hard it can be to get through it. Not only does she keep on going, she donates a massive amount of her time to raising awareness for other families to never feel that pain.

It is very important that we continue to talk about mental health and we continue to learn about what we can do for our own mental health. Our communities need to continue to support each other.

Besides all of that, Janet is just amazing because of her strength, and her heart. She is loving and kind to all. She’s one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met and I am so glad to have someone like Janet in my life. Regardless of how little we really know eachother, I know that no matter what she would be there for me if I needed someone to talk to. The same goes for anyone who knows her. We need many more Janet’s in this world.

On this Monday, I hope you’ll say hello to my fellow Ottawian, give her a hug if you ever meet her in real life and most importantly. If you are reading this and you live in Ottawa, Please attend our event on April 30th. If you are reading this and you don’t live nearby, please consider donating.

Until next week,