Amazing Human Series; Mitch Jackson.

Mitch is Amazing Human #27!

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Mitch is an incredibly unique individual. He’s so not your typical social media guy. He’s not a millennial and he’s not even in marketing. He’s a very successful lawyer.

Live streaming Lawyer is now the term you think of when you think of Mitch Jackson. He’s our go to guy for advice on all things law related.

The main thing about Mitch is that I’ve never heard anyone speak ill of him. He’s such a helpful, kind, & knowledgeable human being.

You can’t always win them all but a common trend with the people I write about here is that you don’t often hear bad things about them.

Mitch with his expert use of social media has placed himself in a world of speaking, informing and teaching entrepreneurs all over the world. Mitch is one I’d love to hear speak, he comes from a completely different world of what I usually follow and I like the knowledge that Mitch brings to the table.

Another aspect that makes Mitch so amazing is his efforts to End Distracted Driving. The amount of lives you are endangering by texting & driving is insane, even worse is those who are live streaming or making snapchat stories / insta stories while they drive.

Whatever you have to say, is not that important.

Mitch puts a lot of his time and effort into ending distracted driving especially raising awareness on Twitter using the hashtags #StopDD and #EndDD which is amazing since hopefully by raising awareness and sharing tragic stories that have happened to others we can make an impact on this. I know personally I’ve had my eyes opened since being connected to Mitch and seeing the stories.

Lately I’ve been listening to the Mitch Jackson Podcast & it’s been so great! Mitch just launched it but his guests have been so amazing, himself and Jen are incredible hosts. I feel smarter with humans like these ones in my life 😉

I decided to make Mitch Jackson my Amazing Human this week because I do this thing where I think about who I want to write about next and then over the week the universe puts one person above the rest for some reason and this week I’ve been seeing a lot of Mitch Jackson pop up in my social feeds so I took that as a sign.

Ever since I connected with Mitch on Snapchat I’ve thought he was so great and such a kind man. He’s unique like I said and just being connected to someone like Mitch makes me feel smarter.

Mitch is inspiring he’s also a good model for other “Business Professionals” they should take some notes because no matter what you’re job title is, you have a story to tell, so get out there and tell it.

Thanks for being Amazing Mitch!


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