Amazing Human Series; Rachele Dibartolo

Rachele is AMAZING Human #14.

Beautiful, Kind, & Positive, but living with a darkness.

Rachele blows my mind, she’s a strong woman at such a young age.

Your 20’s are hard enough with life, trying to figure it out, finishing school, getting a job. Doing all of that with anxiety & depression just doesn’t make it any easier.

Rachele is one of the cutest, sweetest and most loving humans you will ever get to know. She’s the best.

As an advocate, she uses her voice and her time to promote mental health awareness in any way she can. I met Rachele volunteering with Partners for Mental Health, and she made me happy because she made volunteering so much fun and she made being an advocate just that much more meaningful. Knowing others who advocate makes it better, two voices are always better than one & thousands of voices creates a movement.

Rachele has stepped up to the plate many times, co-chairing events and speaking about said events on RogersTV. She’s brave, has an infectious attitude and is a young advocate that is and will continue to make waves in this world. Mental Health is much more real than many will admit to and people like Rachele erase the stigma a little bit each day.

Yesterday was our 5th annual James Strikes Back Bowl-a-thon and as an integral part of this event, Rachele worked her butt off along with the rest of the team to pull off another awesome event for Mental Health in Ottawa. Each dollar donated goes towards very important programs in our community, so if you’re reading this and you attended or donated THANK YOU!

It’s a lot of work to pull off events like these ones, it also takes a team of people to pull this off and those people are usually affected by mental health in some aspect, they either suffer themselves, or they have family members who are suffering or have passed away from Mental Health. It’s from the heart with members of the Partners for Mental Health volunteer committee and Rachele is one of those members who is at the lead keeping us all motivated.

Rachele provides those who know her with hope, I think anyways, because of the way she trucks on through life.

If you’re reading this and have the pleasure of knowing Rachele personally, give her a hug and tell her how great she is. Even though I hope she already knows it, sometimes we all need a little reminder.

If you don’t know her. You can find her here: /& here:

Thank You Rachele for being AMAZING!

Until next week,