Amazing Human Series; Rebecca Councill

Rebecca is Amazing Human #38!

Rebecca Councill, learn this name, remember it, got it? Good.

Rebecca is a Social Media Strategist, Evernote Certified Consultant, Co-Founder and President of Social Media Association of Houston and Addicted to Social Media!

All of that aside, Rebecca is Amazingly connected. She is an incredible community builder, she is really incredibly supportive and no matter who you ask we all love her to bits.

Rebecca right now is a shining light in the darkness of Houston. She is constantly sharing, promoting and doing whatever she can to help her friends! Even though it’s actually a very tragic thing that happened in Houston and all of our hearts hurt for those affected, Rebecca is staying true to the woman we love by keeping things light, positive and about the community.

Rebecca has really stepped up for the entire community of #ChatSnap (The Twitter Chat all about Snapchat!) because the beautiful & wonderful Kristy Gillentine’s family got hit hard by Hurricane Harvey and she is currently very overwhelmed with helping her family get back to their lives. So, that would of been the end of #ChatSnap for a period until Kristy could come back to it, but Rebecca didn’t let that happen. She’s taken the reins and is running it the way Kristy would if she could. This is something only an Amazing Human would do for her friend and the community of us who love #ChatSnap.

Rebecca is an inspiration because she has zero problem showing EXACTLY who she is. She doesn’t hide and she is proud of who she is. We should all be proud of who we are, being yourself is so much easier than being a fake. This is a trait I admire about Rebecca. It’s only another reason why she’s so darn Amazing.

The last thing I want to mention about Rebecca Council is how much she loves her wife, I always see posts about her and they are clearly so very much in love. This is not only Amazing but it’s really stinking cute because no one deserves it more! Rebecca is an incredible ally to anyone and everyone in the LGBTQ community. As we all should be. Just be kind to others because you never know what battles they are facing & be accepting of everyone & their choices.

You can find Rebecca by following her on Instagram @rebcouncill & make sure you say hello.

Thank you Rebecca for being so Amazing & for always supporting me.

Until next week,

What’s your Amazing?


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