Riaz is Amazing Human #41!

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Riaz Sidi is someone I stumbled across on facebook, I saw a video and thought that his charismatic attitude was just so awesome and refreshing. Then I realized that this guy was also from Ottawa and I just thought that was really quite fabulous!!

It’s always fun to find connections in your neck of the woods, especially when you’re really a fan of their work.

I then go to meet Riaz IRL at a networking conference put on by a company called eSAX. He was just as great in real life as he was in his youtube videos, and it was so cool to be able to hug, and selfie with someone I had met online.

Riaz has shared some raw, real honest videos as of late and after I interviewed him he had a beautiful baby boy and has decided to switch things up in the future and I think you’ll wanna keep your eyes on him.

Get to know more about Riaz by watching our live video here: https://www.facebook.com/AmazingHumanSeries/videos/1577335832357118/

You can connect with him on the socials @ RiazSidi (Riaz Sidi) !!

Thank you Riaz for being AMAZING!

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