Damn I’m tired.

Seriously, life is exhausting.

How does one keep up? How do you do it?

Please tell me.

So let me be a preacher of hustle for a minute here. I am legit hustling, I go to work full time, I’m trying to build a business (Interior Design) please call me if your decor sucks ;) JK. I am currently in an interview process, every other week I step mom to 3 awesome but busy as shit boys, take care of a house & my 4th child (Fiancé) AND the cat. He’s needy, seriously.

& then, just to add to it, I have 3 Instagram accounts, all my own social media, and like at least 30 people who are so awesome on snapchat I’d rather not miss their stories, write a daily blog to work on my writing skills, make images for company social media, and my daily quotes.

AND for my peace of mind, I go to yoga twice a week.

Now that’s some serious effing hustle.

How the hell does one find the time and still sleep?

Please tell me. I’ve already given up Facebook, reading, tv, and answering my moms text messages (Just kidding Mom.)

I know it will pay off, which is why I keep doing it. Even though I’d rather go hide on a deserted island some days.

What say you?

How do you manage it all?