Do things.

Be happy about it.

So I’ve come to a realization;

I’m only miserable because I make myself that way.

We all do it…. It’s things like, “ugh I have to make dinner again” “ugh I have to do laundry again” “ugh the house is a mess”

I know we all do it, but you know what, at least you have food to cook, at least you have a laundry machine to do said laundry, at least you have those rotten children making that mess.

I’m going to quit seeing everything as a chore and just try to be happier about it, well I have to cook, at least I’m learning a new recipe, well I have to do laundry, so I can wear my favourite sweater tomorrow, well I have to clean, at least then it will be clean.

These are the simplest examples but hey it applies to everything you do in life. Slap a positive attitude on that chore and just get it done.

If it’s related to your job, your life, or yourself just try to do it and be happy about it.

Yeah ok so you have to write a blog post, but hello the feeling after it's done is awesome!

So again; slap a positive attitude on that shit and get it done.


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