Tessa is Amazing Human #45!

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Tessa Parker is such a cute human. I am super grateful to have another Ottawa connection who has the same mission in mind, she’s so passionate and that’s a trait of an Amazing Human.

Interviewing someone that you don’t really know anything about is such a fantastic experience, you get to hear the passion in their voice when they talk about why they do what they do.

Tessa is a Mental Health Advocate and shes a Boss Babe who I admire. …

Steph is Amazing Human #44!

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Stephannie is more than just an amazing human or a connection, she’s a really good friend.

I love this girl that I’ve never met in real life the same as I love the ones I do know in real life. She’s a sweet soul and a beautiful person, inside and out.

I’m glad that I could include her in the Amazing Human Series, she’s definitely an Amazing Human! Get to know her in her podcast interview and let her know how much of a bad ass incredible woman that she is by finding her on Instagram @stephannieannsh !!!

Listen in here: https://anchor.fm/amazinghumanseries/episodes/Steph-Schade-Hagerty-e178dt

Thank you Stephannie for being AMAZING!!!

Jason is Amazing Human #43!

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Jason Hattrick. What a guy.

I am super duper blessed to have crossed paths with the one and only Jason Hattrick. Sometimes the word Amazing isn’t enough to describe some of these people that I get to meet.

Jason is so kind, he’s so outgoing, he’s so fabulous, and he really does embody what we want The Amazing Human Series to represent.

I’m not gonna give you a lot in this blog because I want you to listen in, and get to know Jason in the podcast interview…. He’s been one of my absolute favourite guests to date, he is just so amazing to talk to and get to know.

Listen in here: https://anchor.fm/amazinghumanseries/episodes/Jason-Hattrick-e16njl/a-a2no1k

Thank you so much Jason for being AMAZING!

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