Thanks to the one & only Gary Vaynerchuk I have had an epiphany!

So I’ve always had a serious passion for interior decorating (no like, I moved my furniture around when I was 10 & we’re still not sure how) but then you know this life thing happened and well my Dad took his life when I was 16.

Which turned into me being very passionate about mental health & advocating for mental health & mental awareness.

So what does Gary have to do with this? Well, I was listening to #AskGaryVee and he said that maybe you could “Wuzzle” your two passions together.

I am so totally going to Wuzzle this.

These 2 things have seemed so completely not at all “Wuzzable” & then it just clicked. Maybe it’s not so crazy after all.

Where should you feel the most happy?

At home.

Where should you feel the most comfortable?

At home.

Where should you be able to relax from all the voices / demons / anxieties of the world?

At home.

Where should you be able to enjoy your surroundings?

At home.

So why the hell don’t we???

Why do we live with colours we don’t like, decor we don’t really like, and things around us that don’t bring us any happiness?

I forget who said this however it’s something to really live by; “If it doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you happiness then get rid of it”

That’s not even the quote lmao but close enough.

The point is, let’s live with things we love, in places we love, and make our homes perfect for us.

Forget all of the trendy bullshit, if you don’t love it, don’t do it.

I’m not sure how this will play out but it will be very interesting to see how I “Wuzzle” my two passions together.

Wuzzle; The Wuzzles is an animated television series created for Saturday morning television

Xoxo Bree