A Hadoop-optimized systems: get the most out of your on-premise Hadoop

Storage and processing of the enormous amount of data have been made painless through Hadoop. An open-source software framework, Hadoop enables you to store terabytes or even petabytes of data distributed across various nodes and clusters. And, in this era of big data, Hadoop provides an efficient platform to support the complex big data workloads. Hadoop can not only store, but also auto detects if any files are missing.

The Big Data Management trend has made it crucial for organizations to install Hadoop in their IT infrastructure. But only installing this framework is not enough. Hadoop requires tuning to optimize it for a particular job and to derive maximum performance out of it.

A considerable amount of time goes into installing, tuning and configuring Hadoop. It takes a lot of effort, money and skilled architecture. But, if the need of this time-consuming process is eliminated, businesses can focus on other critical issues. A Hadoop-optimized systems do exactly that!

A Hadoop-optimized systems come preconfigured to support complex data workloads. With integrated software and hardware components, these systems ensure optimal performance output. With these, deploying on-premise Hadoop becomes very rapid. Most of the major distros like MapR, Cloudera, Hortonworks and IBM BigInsights are supported by such systems.

Teradata, Oracle, Dell, NetApp, IBM, HP Enterprise, Cray, and Cisco Systems are the key vendors in this market. This is a rather new market, but the increasing demand for big data management shows a promising future for Hadoop-optimized systems.

Breeze-Telecom provides holistic Technology Solutions using its direct partnerships with nearly 200 technology and telecom service providers across North America. The company is now positioned as a single hub for the most cost-effective Managed IT Services and offers Big Data Management systems.

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