Cloud Computing Trends in 2016 and Beyond

With novel innovations and business applications, Cloud computing has hit the road in recent years. Cloud computing promises a great future. For those who do not have the idea of cloud computing, let’s see what cloud computing is. The storing of data and accessing the programs over the internet instead of storing the same data over a computer hard drive is cloud computing. Considering the needs of an average human being, cloud computing will be more cost-effective in the long term.

Listed below are some of the predictions of the companies regarding cloud computing in the forthcoming years…

· Increase in the number of applications: Applications like Phreebooks and Palo BI Suite had shown their availability over the cloud in the past years. Predictions say that the quantity of the applications over the cloud would increase to more than a quarter by 2020. There will be an increase in active mobile devices to 8.2 billion with better technology and more applications on the cloud.

· Enhancement in the knowledge of the users: The users would be able to differentiate between public, private and hybrid cloud in a more arrant way. This would result in better education about the type of the cloud which would work best for them. Industry leaders are expected to migrate to private clouds as the risk of security threats is building up for the companies who chose to stay with shared clouds.

· Bid to traditional infrastructure: The accessibility of making changes in applications without taking the program offline would replace the traditional ways. Instead of purchasing new servers, companies find it easy to access their work through certain applications available online. A modular software development could be seen in the future.

Above all, Cloud Computing would be seen pacing up mobile and analytical technologies leading to an expansion of cloud computing market.

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