Deal the Network Security Threats with Unified Threat Management (UTM)

The devices that connect to a network are increasing at a fast pace. With them, the threats to the data contained in those networks is also increasing rapidly. The attackers are finding all the ways to break the bars of security and hack the confidential data travelling over a network. In the past years, organizations took a sincere effort to collect reliable security devices from several vendors to protect the networks. But several problems like configuration, management and monitoring of these devices emerged. The devices required considerable effort and the engineers and administrators felt burdened because of the additional responsibility of network security. To lessen up this burden, Unified Threat Management products come into picture.

What are UTM products?

Unified Threat Management products are security systems that perform certain security-related functions such as firewall, antivirus, virtual private networking, and more, one after the other. The products have advanced software and hardware installed in them for detecting and preventing intrusion from outside sources. A UTM product aims to provide layered protection within a single device at a reduced cost and effort.

Underlying benefits of using UTM

The UTM products have several advantages for restricting data threats and protecting networks and sensitive information. Let us see the advantages in the context of UTM:

  • Strengthening of hardware: For small and medium-sized business, the administrator can purchase and manage one device. This, in turn, reduces the cost of purchasing multiple devices and efforts required to deploy and manage them.
  • Ease of managing threats: The threats usually target different parts of a network all at one time. This would become dangerous for the administrators to handle the threats if several security devices are involved in managing the threat. Unlike several security devices, UTM offers a centralized management by managing many threats to local and remote environments from a single point.
  • Single vendor and license: As UTM offers a centralized management, the business administrators do not have to wander for multiple vendors. The engineers and administrators can work with a single vendor providing a single license. This will not only foster a good relationship with him but also the work will be done at ease. Providing license to a single device helps in better management of network security threats.
  • Expenses come down: Buying multiple devices leads to an increased expense. Using a single and strengthened hardware like unified threat management product would ultimately lower the cost benefiting the administrator who can focus their knowledge and training on a single device.
  • Every product comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Though, UTM products solve several security issues, there are a few drawbacks that come along with the product:
  • Single point of failure scenario: The plus point of UTM product to combine several security features at one place may sometimes prove to be a drawback in case of breakdown of device or malware intrusion. The small and medium sized businesses can deal with this problem by installing other services such as software-based firewall.
  • Issues related to performance: Despite some drawbacks faced initially, the performance of UTM products has improved a lot recently. When all the features of the devices were enabled, the antivirus feature performed the best of all. The vendors of UTM are doing their level best to improve the standard of the UTM products. The organization must give a closer look to the application before implementing it.
  • UTM vendors offer different types and range of products in different capacities and capabilities. The UTM products with high capacity endow protection to a primary network connection to the internet. The smaller UTM device also offers several features that are common to the larger ones. These are efficient for small and medium sized businesses and remote offices. Owing to the modular nature of a UTM product, an administrator can access several features at the same time suiting his needs.

Chose the right UTM product:

As small and medium sized business (SMBs) are on the majority list of the UTM product users, the former must closely consider the details of the product and chose the top-rated UTM vendor for it. Not only SMBs, large businesses also make use of the product extensively. The product must be chosen such that it meets all the performance requirements at a reasonable price.

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