Forthcoming Swings in Centers of Data

Data centers are the backbone of digital age. Without them, there would be no access to internet. The trends of cloud, big data and Internet of Things are all controlled by data centers. Being aware about predictions and trends of these data centers is crucial for all internet users.

Let’s take a look at the trends that have emerged in 2016 and will continue to dominate in future:

· High demands for Modular data center: 2016 saw rise in demand of better speed and efficient networks. This would result in Big Data and IoT transforming the size and scope of data centers in coming future. Huge increase in the demand to evolve the capacity of IT emphasizes on creation of Modular Data Centers.

· Efficient Energy Sources-Bloom Energy: As the scope and size of data centers is on rapid increment, the energy being consumed is higher. Companies are looking forward to renewable sources of energy- including solar, wind, hydro and hydrothermal sources. For the reduction of cost and carbon footprints, fuel cells- including Bloom Energy, would mark its presence.

· Decoupling through SDN: Software defined Networking (SAN) is gaining trend by unlinking the network topology and traffic management from network hardware. This builds a rich interaction between workloads of application and network infrastructure.

Data center has proved to be extremely dynamic in the present scenario. The data center industries are amplifying at a fast pace. There is a merge of wholesale and retail colocation through managed servers. The industries are handling water consumption problems coherently. Analyzing the above trends, we have come to a conclusion that all the trends that surfaced in 2016 will evolve further in coming future.

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