Need for Social Media Marketing

The heart of a business lies with its customers. Identifying and understanding the needs of its consumers is the key to success for any organization. As the number of mobile and internet users is growing continuously, there is also an increasing need to integrate digital and social media communication strategy with the marketing mix.

According to a recent survey, 80% of consumers prefer to use a digital device to communicate with a company and the Millennials are 137% more likely than the baby boomers to use a cell phone for doing so. This new consumer behavior has made the traditional communication and marketing methods ineffective. To cope with it, the IT departments are required to develop a strategy that will help the companies to effectively communicate with their user base.

With the proliferation of social media, it has become crucial for companies to implement a social and digital communication strategy. Such a strategy will not only support the traditional marketing but will also help to target new consumers. The social media provides a rich and abounding platform for advertising to a mass market and direct dialogue with the customers.

As technology has become an integral part of consumer’s everyday life, companies can make a real-time conversation with their consumers by conveying opinion and soliciting feedback on various online channels. To meet their customer communication preferences, companies need to create a successful digital engagement strategy. By targeting its users through their navigation pattern and understanding their behavioral pattern, brands can deepen their customer relationship and enhance their consumer satisfaction level.

With every eight out of ten customers preferring digital communication, virtual reality is set to become the next customer engagement tool. Marketers should consider popular social channels to augment their brand value and create a positive image.

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