The Most Efficient Methods Of Administering Pills To Your Pets

Once in your pet’s lifetime, they get sick, and the vet may prescribe pills for the treatment of your pet. However, it’s not easy to make your pet swallow their medication efficiently they have to be tricked to take medicine. Giving pills to the cat is more difficult as they are more flexible than most pets and they have sharp claws which they can use to scratch you when you try to force them to do something they do not want. There are several methods which can be used to administer pills to your pet without their knowledge.

Nowadays there is an introduction of pill pockets to make the process of giving your pet medication easier. Pill pocket is a device that has a built-in pouch for hiding the pills. Pill pockets come in wide variety of flavors to suit the preference of all pets. The method is an easy way of giving medication without a fuss. This technique is also recommended for pets which are used to be given treats as they will swallow the pill without their knowledge. After giving your pet the medication, it’s necessary to provide them with water followed by their favorite treat. The PawsIQ cat dental treats is for ensuring the drug is completely swallowed.

The medication can also be administered using a pet piller. A pet piller at PawsIQ also known as pill popper is a plastic plunger which has a soft rubber tip where the pill is loaded. Once the plunger is placed in a pet’s mouth, the plunger is pushed, and the tablet falls into the back of your pet’s mouth. Using the device is more comfortable for pets which are tricky to be handled with one hand. It’s almost similar giving the pill with your hands, but the plunger is more convenient as your hands cannot be bitten.

Remember to ask the vet whether the pill can be crushed and be mixed with food or water. If it’s okay, you can disguise the medicine by sliding it in a piece of cheese. It’s necessary to give your pet a treat before giving it the piece containing the medication to prepare it as well as to trick it easily. It’s also essential to provide another treat after administering the piece which contains the medicine to ensure the pill is wholly swallowed. If it’s okay to dissolved or crushes the tablet, then you can mix it with its regular food. It’s recommended to underfeed it when you are mixing diet and pill as it will make your pet clear its plate without even noticing anything unusual. For more facts about pets, visit this website at

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