Tips On Giving Your Dog A Pill

At times, it may be needed for your dog to take antibiotics or other kinds of medicine. Unfortunately, unlike us humans, our pet dogs will not open their mouths wide and swallow the medicine with a glass of water even though it is for their own good. Here are a couple of tips that will make administering of pill for your dog somewhat easier and less traumatic for the both of you.

The most crucial tip of all — ask you vet to be certain that the pill can be given with food.

Approach this endeavor with a positive attitude and calmly. Don’t get tensed or else, your dog will be anxious. Just try to be yourself and don’t make your dog feel that you are going to do something outside of the usual routine.

If you have checked to be certain it is fine to mask a medicine with a treat, then wrap the pill in a bite-sized piece of bread with peanut butter spread or wrap it in a small slice of cheese. Be certain to give your pet a number of treats before and after giving him the PawsIQ pill treats for dogs that has the medicine. And if your pet is looking forward to having the next treat, then he will most likely pay lesser attention on the one that he already has in his mouth. Keep in mind that dogs are motivated by food and greedy. It is find for them to be that way since they are dogs.

If the pill can be crushed or dissolved then mix it with the food in his bowl, on the other hand, make certain to give him less than the usual so that your pet will eat each drop and also, the food needs to be moist and not dry. In addition, you can give more food once your pet is done, but be certain that he would eat the entire meal that contains the medicine before you feed him with the second one. Visit this website at and know more about pets.

Be cautious that you don’t feed yourself too much while giving the medicine. You surely don’t want your pet to throw up or gag the contents from his stomach before the pill goes to his system. Contact your vet in case this takes place. You may necessitate to skip that certain dose and wait until the next dosing time for you to try again. Know more about pet pill pockets here.