The Expedition

Hidden Treasures Part 2

(our hotel, Central Boutique Hotel Angkor)

So are you ready? Ready to start your journey all packed for some new adventures? Don’t forget to bring your rechargeable batteries with you because you will need it along the way today. Because in this blog I am going to take you back to the day my mom and I visited Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom and please keep in mind to hydrate yourself enough today because I don’t want to lose you already! If you are ready I will see you downstairs in the lobby of the hotel, I will be waiting!

Hi, great you could make it!

So now it’s only a matter of time and that is waiting for my mom to arrive and to find out who our private guide is for this inspiring day. There are five different tour-guides to pick up their party.. but honestly… they are standing there like Asian statues… so what shall we do? Okay, great plan, let’s ask who is our tour-guide! But wait… huh? Tour-guide per tour-guide is leaving with their party in a private transfer, what about us? There are still two tour-guides over, so let’s approach them and ask. But to our regret both tour-guides aren’t waiting for us.

After asking repeatedly if the tour-guide could phone the head office to sort this out, he did. Our tour-guide left with the wrong party after the tour-guide phoned his colleague. The tour-guide in front of us isn’t enjoying his day, is he? But okay anyway, let’s go!

So we are in the car now on our way to buy the tickets for entering Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom, EXCITING!! I am thrilled: I have been waiting for this moment ever since I started studying tourism, and now is the time! So we are standing in the queue waiting to buy the tickets. All off the sudden our tour-guide is telling us that a picture is taken of us when buying the tickets to monitor and secure the safety and security of Angkor Watt and Angkor Thom. This is going to be fun, but then I realised that I had an out-of-bed look and cannot take a picture like this. My mom is telling me not to be bothered by my out-of-bed look and to just take the picture.

(10 minutes later…)

We are all sitting in the car. There seems to be an awkward vibe in car, the tour-guide isn’t saying much and is only talking in his own language… pretty awkward, right? Maybe it is the language barrier? But his body language isn’t approachable either, is it? Damn… how can you be a tour-guide and be that quiet.. All of the sudden he speaks “we will first go to Angkor Thom and then finish at Angkor Watt (in between the driver will pick us up to have lunch), and after lunch I will bring you to our last highlight, Angkor Watt”.

All of the sudden the car stops and the driver tells us that from here we will be walking towards the next check-point where he will be waiting for us to pick us up again. Okay, let’s start our hiking tour.

(Entrance Angkor Thom)

(What the tour-guide forgot to tell us, is that this upcoming hiking tour to and through Angkor Thom and its surrounding temples and natural areas has a total distance of 6 KM (and this was just one part of the day) are you up for it? Let’s be tough!)

So we are approaching the entrance of the Angkor Thom walls, My mom started taking pictures and I am sure as hell to take some as well, aren’t you taking any pictures? The view is stunning and indescribable. The tour-guide gathers us together to tell the story behind this beautiful architecture.

Tour-guide: “on the left you will see all happy and the good Buddha’s ancient protectors of Cambodia and therefore Angkor. On the right, you will see angry, scary statues that represents the devil, demons and all that is bad, all is in balance. On top of the entrance wall there are 4 Buddha faces that represents the following: the good, the bad, the past and the future. This was all build for the protection of Angkor Thom”.

(Angkor Thom Entrance)

Fascinating, isn’t it? How the Cambodians and the Buddhism religious regions believe in the power of balance and spirituality. All is connected, and all is a cycle is their believe. How peaceful!

(so we have been walking for quite some time now and have seen some old ancient temples completely being consumed by nature day by day, it is such a stunning view to see how nature takes back what was hers in the first place).

Angkor Thom

It’s getting really hot, isn’t it? Pff!! There is still so much to see! Are you feeling your legs already? Honestly, can we share a secret? I do feel my legs a little bit.. But okay, I just want to compliment my mom for being so energetic and so active. Do realise that it is over 37 degrees (the weather is very sultry) and she is walking ahead as a young child that runs to the candy store to buy his or hers first sweet.

Inside Angkor Thom

Let’s take a break to refuel and hydrate ourselves because we still have a long way to go and we need to regenerate our energy to proceed our expedition through the hidden treasures of Angkor Thom.

So what about wrapping things up for today and to proceed our journey in my upcoming blog? Yes I know, I feel the same, I would love to proceed but we need to regain our energy as well.

So stay tuned and hopefully I will see you next week to proceed our journey?

Same place, same time?