The Expedition through the wonders of Angkor

Hidden Treasures Part 4

Pretty interesting, our expedition through Angkor Thom, right? Today we are going to visit the famous Angkor Wat temple. Did you know that the Angkor Wat temple is registered in the Unesco World Heritage sites register? Our tour guide is waiting for us, did you pack your rechargeable batteries? Because I forgot mine and my battery is already under 50%.. All packed again? Did you bring enough water?

So we are on our way to Angkor Wat, again with the same driver and tour guide… “To be honest, these dudes aren’t that friendly nor very involved”. Ah, “don’t mind them, you got us right? We are fun!” HAHAH, indeed mom you are right, you guys are indeed a lot of fun to travel with!

(5 minutes later)

Oh damn!! It’s raining, NOOOO!! WHY!?? On the most spectacular day of all it needed to start raining… Nice… Already soaking wet… BUT, we are not going to let our day nor our mood being influenced by the weather. I know you already brought an umbrella, “can I seek shelter with you under your umbrella?” let’s take a picture of our first steps into Angkor Wat, we need to capture this so when we are grey and old we can always look back to this beautiful expedition, that we experienced together.

Me and my mom at Angkor Wat

So we are entering Angkor Wat from the backdoor and what is this temple HUGE!! The Tour guide is telling us: “Angkor Wat means City of Temples/ capital temple”. So that’s the reason why it is so big! “It’s a pity that the weather isn’t cooperating with us.. The pictures that I am making aren’t at all what I am experiencing with my own eyes, on the other hand it gives also another view on Angkor Wat that you usually wouldn’t see on television or documentaries, this is also very interesting”. The Tour guide is telling us: “Angkor Wat doesn’t have an stair-entrance, this because in the past the Royal king only came by elephant and his business partners as well”. Damn, a very spoiled royal family, from my point of view. Poor elephant!!

In Angkor Wat

Do you see how huge Angkor Wat is and imagine this is just the back of Angkor Wat! Let’s explore Angkor Wat by ourselves, because I am a little bit done with our tour guide, we are explorers and we can do this by ourselves. We only need him to tell us the history behind Angkor Wat itself and the other temples on this terrain. Did you know that the emperor ordered his followers to build separate temples for his mother, father and other relatives, “This dude… What an EGO!!”

North balcony of Angkor Wat

Do realize that Angkor Wat was made and constructed by men. Animals such as the elephants and constructed canals were used as transportation for all the materials.

“Did you also know that the materials used for Angkor Wat didn’t came from nearby areas but from (Mount) Phnum Kulen?”

(Just to give you an idea: the distance between Angkor Wat and Phnum Kulen is over 50 Kilometres, in a direct line. The actual distance to transport the materials were over 80 kilometres.)

It is still a mystery how Angkor Wat could be built as it is in that period of time. Just like the pyramids of Egypt will Angkor Wat always maintain with the answer.

Buddha that protects Angkor

In Angkor Wat you see many inscriptions made on walls that tells you the story of the Khmer (the civilization that lived and ruled in that period of time), It is stunning! In Angkor Wat a huge Buddha statue is placed, This statue was placed to enlighten and protect the city Angkor. Many Inhabitants of Siem Reap still go to this Buddha to offer: incense sticks, candles, food and many more. The offered food is later used to feed the monks.

To my regret this was the last blog that I took you on our last expedition through Cambodia; Angkor Wat.

I Just want to say: that I love my mom very much and that I am very thankful that she made this unforgettable experience possible for me. Thank you as well for experience it with me.

Me and my mom

In my upcoming blog I want to tell you about my experiences that I experienced on my last city trip. I do need to mention that it is a totally different destination than Cambodia but I just couldn’t resist writing about it, so stay tuned!