The Expedition through the wonders of Angkor

Hidden treasures part 3

Hi! I was looking for you but couldn’t find you… Were you playing hide and seek with me, behind that tree? But let’s go, our tour guide is already waiting for us to proceed the expedition through Angkor Thom. Let’s go!

So this afternoon… we are going to see the rest of the temples in Angkor Thom and what the Cambodians believe their representation of hell and heaven. Have you been a good boy or girl?? Because the tour guide told us that the statue in front of this “hell and heaven” looks right through you… Don’t be afraid. I know you are a good person, no stress!

Ruins on Angkor Thom’s territory

What a beautiful scenery right? Those old ruins and temples.. A pity that it isn’t fully intact isn’t it? I would definitely love to see how it was, when these temples etc. were used daily.. But to my regret we came way to late on this earth to experience it that way.. BUT nonetheless, we are here to explore and experience it decades later, still a wonderful experience!

Know that we are visiting Cambodia in their rain season or better known as “Monsoon” so temples and ruins may look darker, more mysterious and somewhat spooky due to the rainfall and foggy areas but this is all due to the temperature differences between the earth and the air.

The tour guide is telling us the following: “our next stop will be Ta Phrom Temple or in English Tomb Raider Temple”. OMG!! Finally we are going to see where this movie was recorded! How mystique, it feels like I am dreaming.. The whole tomb raider temple is so breath-taking… It is partly already consumed by nature… How wonderful to see how nature takes over when civilizations leaves. Oh wait, of course I am sorry! I will let you take a picture as well, to capture this enchanting image!

Ta Phrom
Inside Ta Phrom

Breath-taking, isn’t it? I would love to stay here with you and my mom to enrich ourselves with the ambient atmosphere. But we need to proceed to our next stop.

Just outside the temple there is a little portable shop where we can buy some drinks, “are you thirsty?” Let’s hydrate ourselves, because we need to keep drinking, otherwise we would encounter problems with dehydration and we don’t want that!

(couple of minutes later)

So we are on our way again! And wow!! Do you see that large entrance in the distance, it’s huge! The Tour guide tells us: “this was the main entrance for the royal family or very important business partners of the royal family”. Damn.. they sure knew how to impress outsiders with their richness and cultural heritage, “don’t you think the same?”

My mom, is a little tired.. So she decided to stay at the entrance with the tour guide to wait for us. I am sure as hell that I am going to explore this temple! “Are you going to come with me?” Okay, let’s go! Stunning isn’t it? All these hand carved story lines on the wall of this temple, it tells us bit by bit how it was to life as a Cambodian back in those days, very impressing! All of the sudden we encounter a large inner square in this temple. “For what are these pillars?” Let’s ask the tour guide when we return. But first let us take some pictures!

Temple at Angkor Thom’s territory
Temple at Angkor Thom’s territory

“Are you ready to climb up these stairs to seek higher grounds?” “Be cautious, please!” Because these stairs are very sheer!

The view is stunning!! Again breath-taking, sorry that I say it so many times but I am just speechless. There are no words to describe how I am feeling at the moment.. I feel so privileged to be here and to experience this with you and my mom.

View from above

Let’s go downstairs again to proceed our journey through Angkor Thom’s territory. I can’t wait to see more!

(After 15 minutes of walking through a beautiful scenery created by nature we are approaching our final highlight/attraction of Angkor Thom’s territory: “the gates to heaven and hell”.)

Gates to revelation or misery

“Are you ready, to be confronted with your inner-self and the Buddha of judgement?”

Buddha of Judgement

The Buddha that you see in front of you, is the one that can look right through you. He decides according to your actions of the past and your present intentions if you are allowed either to enter heaven or hell.

They don’t have a representation of heaven because the Cambodians believe that this heaven is only revealed to you when being allowed into heaven, how mystique isn’t it?

They do got a representation of Hell, interesting, isn’t it? The Cambodians believed that hell was the place where you would overthink your sins for the rest of your existence in extreme torturing and sorrow. Damn.. That would be tough… “For the rest of your existence, that’s heavy”..