Picture yourself as social media intern
Marquette University

Why I would be the best intern you’ll ever have.

Hi there MU! My name is Brendan Ploen and I am applying for the social media internship. I am a sophomore journalism major and digital media minor.

So why should I be the next social media intern?

Great question.

  1. First off, I love social media and Marquette just as much as Chris Farley loved comedy.

2. Next, I am a leader. Growing up as a triplet with two sisters, I learned to stand out and be different. Even my choice in going to Marquette instead of Indiana with my sisters showed that I’m not afraid to be myself and display it. I can get things done in an effective, efficient matter. I am resourceful. If I don’t know something, I will ask until I find the answer. It’s the journalist in me.

Growing up with two sisters can be ruff.

3. I get stoked when prospective students choose Marquette. I also want to help answer any questions they have. (TBT to when I was applying to MU.)


4. Even though I have a journalism background, my writing style can be flexible.

5. I am creative and able to come up with unique and new ideas, just like the Father Marquette Snapchat account. Oui!

6. I love Marquette and social media to the max. In essence, this internship would not only allow me to gain exceptional professional experience, Marquette would benefit from a highly capable and enthusiastic intern. Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to work for the best school ever?! These are all the reasons why I think I’d be a great intern, even Jimmy Butler thinks so! #RingOutAhoya

Thank you so much for considering me, and I really enjoyed this unique application.

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