Create a Sense of Urgency Within Your Sales Team

If you are running a startup sales team, one of the things you can control, and have to control, is the pace and cadence at which your team operates. Personally, unless your average deal size exceeds 100K (and, honestly, how many early stage SaaS companies average 100K a customer? Almost none.), you should be running a monthly business — meaning your efforts and goals are aligned to hit aggressive monthly targets, not quarterly targets. And you are bringing your customers with you.

Here’s the thing folks: That new disruptive SaaS product you are selling…nobody has budget for it. You are trying to create budget that is left over after the primary budget is spent. Or you are trying to create it out of thin air. Point being…you likely are discretionary spend, not budgetary spend.

This will change by the way. The more successful you become and the more established your space becomes, you will eventually become a budgeted solution.

But not now. And if this is the case, then you aren’t limited by budgetary calendars.

This is a huge advantage to you.

It’s why SaaS has totally changed the software selling and buying climate. CIOs who bought on premise software from 100 person startups in 1999/2000/2001…guess what? They got killed when the tech bubble bursted. Because those startups folded and the buyer was left holding a bunch of code from a company who sold their monitors, laptops, and chairs for 50 grand. SaaS changed this game, allowing software companies to get in the door and prove themselves without forcing CIOs to put their careers on the line.

But if you are selling on quarters and you are running your business like a traditional on premise software company, then you will completely fail to take advantage of any of this.

So smarten up. Set a lightning pace. Establish clear buying triggers and incentives. Business is about reciprocity. Gotta give to get. Then…watch the growth move up and to the right.

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