6 easy things office workers would be insane to not do for faster weight loss

Office workers represent the majority of the working population. But social norms present serious obstacles and challenges for you to remain fit and healthy.

You spent 16 plus years getting educated and qualified, you get yourself into a position where you are now considered part of society. Though now through no fault, you find yourself immersed in a culture of doing everything that is entirely awful for your health and waistline.

Sitting at a desk, staring into a screen, eating sugary baked goods, drinking plenty of alcohol & partying till late at night…

You could not have constructed a worse experiment for weight gain within a population.

I appreciate the logistical constraints being an ambitious young corporate soldier brings. You DO need to go out, you DO need to entertain, you DO need to attend the meetings, networking events and adhere to a travel schedule. You need to fit in to make it.

You shouldn’t have to give up your health to do it.
These may be challenges, but they are not excuses!

It presents a unique set of variables, with which we need to think outside the box in order to get the results we want.

Here’s 6 things you’d be insane not to be doing to stay healthy


I’ve found fasting tends to work better for guys. There’s a myth that when you stop eating your metabolism slows down and you gain weight. Turns out that it just keeps on burning for up to and over 72 hours after you stop eating. It’s actually just free weight loss as far as I experience it, I don’t have to do anything.

I mean, think about it. When you don’t eat, you’re going to burn and lose fat because you have no sugar left after about 16 hours. All the energy you would have used to digest all the rubbish you eat, now gets used to repair your entire body.

The results are incredible for weight loss and long term health!

The science is showing that fasting is great for rebuilding the body, particularly starving off cancer cells and boosting the immune system. Because when ever I fast I always feel much better afterwards and I’m always much stronger.

Now it is true, that if you want to build heaps of muscle, you need to eat lots of food. But if your goal is to burn fat then fasting is amazing.

I recommend fasting for 36 hours every 8–10 days. That’s from say 8pm Sunday till 8am Tuesday.
Do this while eating 300 calories under your median intake until you lose your desired weight.

Ride a bike

You have to get yourself to work, you have legs and you don’t have a lot of time to exercise. It’s just honestly a no brainer. Find a way to make your 40 minute commute you’re minimum daily activity time.

Worst case scenario you end up at least doing SOME moving for the day and you save about 15KWh of energy everyday!

Rather than thinking of reasons why you can’t, put your brain to use onto ways you CAN.

Cold showers

Being cold is much better for us. It helps us sleep, is better for our skin, it builds mental strength and increases fat burning 10–20%.

It’s one of those things, that requires no buy in,no time, no energy, just mental fortitude.
It’s something for nothing!

Science is showing that extreme hot, cold, altitude, exercise, fasting… Are the next level of performance. When you spend all your time sitting, these are the things we need to be looking to do to stay healthy.

We evolved in a harsh world, we need to explore unchartered levels of discomfort.

If you want to be successful, you must be ready to evolve into a highly driven machine capable of overcoming your own mental limitations.

These activities are the proving grounds for fortitude and constitution.
If you can’t handle a little cold water, a few days without eating?
How are you going to be able to break through the difficult times, be a leader and carry your team to the deadline?

Get an active hobby

We know that we need to move everyday, but don’t worry about going for a run. It is quite possibly the worst activity known to man.

Find yourself something fun to do with some other people.
Fulfil the need to be social and exercise at the same time. It makes too much sense to ignore.
Frisbee, walks, hikes, surfing, touch, basketball… What ever.

Don’t put it off, organise it now!

Develop a sleep routine

Sleep is a deal breaker.

You can either mediate, or sleep. But you can’t just stay up watching firefly.

Now you will hear that waking up early is a good thing and you know what it probably is.
But for now what is more important is that you learn to get to sleep.

The EASIEST way to avoid insomnia is to have a routine that puts you to sleep. Like someone kicking a conversion, routine is the key to repeated results.

I suggest blocking out an hour before bed and an hour waking up to do everything you need to do that doesn’t involve a screen.

So if it takes you an hour to get ready for work and you leave your house at 8am, it would look like this.

9pm — 10pm : Wash up, food prep, cloths ready, brush teeth, listen to music/podcast
10pm — Bed

7am-8am — Wake up, cold shower, tea, get ready, pack stuff, leave house.

I call this the sleep window. It gives your brain a really good break from screens, it keeps you away from the TV and gives you time to get your day organised in advanced.

Doing mundane activities like washing dishes is really good way to decompress and relax.
Watching TV or scrolling Facebook makes you anxious — fact.

Food prep

Eating out is ok like 2x a week.

But it’s time to sort your stuff out bro…
Here’s the easiest most amazing incredible taste food rep method ever known to man.

- Electric pressure cooker
- 6 x 1.5ltr food containers
- 2 x 3 ltr containers

Shopping list
- 2kg meat
- 2kg potato/sweet potato
- 2 x sticks of westgold butter
- 3 x bags of coloured vegetables
- 1 bag green apples
- 1 jar natural peanut butter
- salt, thyme, turmeric powder, cumin powder

- Place meat cut up into pressure cooker with water covering the meat.
- Add salt, thyme, turmeric & cumin
- Cook on high for 25 minutes
- Cook potatoes on high for 10 minutes in pressure cooker with water covering them
- Add 150g meat, 200g potato, 15g butter and fill the rest with cut up vegetables into the 6 containers.
- Cut up 1 apple, add 1 tablespoon peanut butter for a snack.

Eat 3 containers of food & the apple w/peanut butter over the day.

Wrap up

If you’re serious about making some long term changes then here is exactly how you need to start. These are the easy grabs, you already eat, sleep and move… It’s HOW you do those things that determine how overweight you’re going to get going forward.

Sure you’re not in the most ideal environment for health but you can’t let it stop you!
Above you have all the things you need to make it happen…

Sure, thinking about being skinny, healthy, feeling good is great. But taking action is a courageous and difficult step.

But if you’re determined and you cultivate strong beliefs, a powerful mindset and follow the above you WILL 100% become very lean and incredibly healthy.

The only thing that can stop you is your own perception of what is difficult and what is easy.
So here’s a little perspective.

Sleep, eat, move! No more excuses only actions.

If you need more help I can give you plenty from my Facebook group here

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