Why you’re stuck

1 — you’re hanging out with people just as stuck as you

2 — you’re not asking enough questions

3 — you’re not learning anymore or fast enough

4 — you’re scared

5 — you have no time

6 — you watch too much tv

7 — you play games instead of learning things that could actually unstick you

8 — you’re tired

9 — you feel guilty about a lot of things

10 — you say yes to too many things

11 — you don’t have a system to measure a decision you make against whether it’s moving you forward, keeping you the same or moving you backwards

12 — you sit in a lot of traffic

13 — you’re programmed by the media, your peers, your family

14 — the dream and reality seem so vastly different

15 — you don’t keep promises you make, to yourself or to others

16 — you don’t stretch yourself or challenge yourself effectively

17 — you don’t experiment enough

18 — other people govern your time, be it kids, a boss, your clients, the traffic light, your spouse, your family, your friends etc.

19 — you have no idea how money works

20 — you have no idea what you actually want

21 — you have no idea why you should want anything and you don’t dig deep enough in questioning why you do anything at all

22 — your diet is questionable

23 — your idea muscle is atrophied

24 — you rush a lot

25 — you’re busy

26 — your belief system about what you’re actually capable of is flawed or dysfunctional

27 — you don’t even know you’re stuck