Living with Lazy Slobs

Not only will they sit on their butts, but they also leave a trail of destruction for you to pick up after. Your living with humans who don’t care about how they live. It says a lot about their character, they might have low self esteem. There are many cons to this situation. For example having to reduce time doing important things like homework, relaxing, video games and whatever else you do at home. Your constantly doing dishes and sweeping the floors, while the rest of the house watches television and gets food everywhere while shoving it down their throats.

So how do you deal with it? You talk to them, let them know it bothers you and how much you’d appreciate it if they cleaned after themselves at least. In my case that didn’t work, so what do you do now. Yell and throw the crap that they leave in their room. What if that doesn't work either. Moving out seems like an obvious solution. But let’s say you can’t, there is something that is making it impossible for you to leave at the moment. Sometimes their are times when you just can’t get out of the situation. Now your really stuck. Here’s what I do, you clean. If the people in your house live like trash and it takes all you have to keep the house looking decent.

Living with nasty people is horrid, but your blessed in a way. Living in the situation is a valuable lesson. You know that when you move out and get your own place, you’ll keep the house clean. You know what it is like to live in filth and that will keep you from doing so in the future. Don’t let up on voicing how much their mess gives you discomfort and if your persistent then maybe something will change eventually. Life is not an easy path to take. This is just a small bump in the road that you will get over and move past. Make the best of the situation, while hard is definatley rewarding. In a way your runnig a marathon, getting through this is an accomplishment.

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