For many of us, now is a time unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. As Michael Dempsey has put it, it can feel like “stasis”. The global pandemic has put a pause on a lot of parts of our lives.

The forced changes have had us reconsidering parts of our lives: Do I really want to be living in this tiny apartment in this crowded city? Do I actually like my job, and what I do every day? Is my only hobby drinking with my friends at bars?

I care a lot about helping people self-actualize: Helping people become the best version of themselves. …

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When I read Anna Gát’s We’re a Niche, We Just Didn’t Know I started to think more about communities in general: what they’re about, how they begin, how their memberships wax and wane, and how those things have changed over time. Two of the main types of communities are activity-based communities, and value-based communities. Communities are more on a spectrum between these two focuses, rather than only one or the other.

Activity-based communities are created to bring together people that all enjoy doing some activity. The activity can even be something you can do solo, but it can be more enjoyable to do together. …

The concept of “identity” within the digital/decentralized world has been a topic of conversation for a while. I think it’d be helpful to enumerate uses for having an identity.

  1. Tying online actions/words to an identity
  2. Tying together specific actions / attributes of a given identity for the sake of evaluating credit-worthiness
  3. Tying an issuing body (i.e. a government)’s attestation of some type of status to allow/disallow actions
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An Anonymous Identity: Online actions and words

An anonymous twitter account (anonymous here being define as, the legal name of the owner of the account is not known) still has an identity. Others can interact with that account. You can send it DMs, you can even send them money if they give you a BTC address they prove they control. …

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A cursory understanding of Lightning Network (LN) is useful in understanding the following.

Given the availability of sufficiently cheap services to monitor when an entity broadcasts a valid LN contract* to the network (so that no one can broadcast outdated amounts),


given the existence of LN power nodes (hubs) that have open payment channels connected to employers, consumers, and merchants,

it is possible to have infinite (or near infinite) off-chain transactions. A LN contract with x.xx …

I’ve been a part of Nikhil Krishnan’s Get Real social experiment for a while and sometimes i manage to respond with something worthwhile. Here’s last week’s prompt and my answer.

When you think about how you define success right now, what metric would you say you’re trying to optimize for?

I think I look at success in a few different categories that are all intertwined to some degree, but can also be at odds with each other.

  • From a relationship standpoint, I’d like to have many friends where we mutually care about each others well-being, are there for each other when we need it, and get to spend time doing things together we both like (skiing, talking about tech, drinking beer, building things &…

Conversations around AI has been heightened in the last couple years and there has not been enough definition about what that actually means. One way to think about AI is in terms of what it can be specifically used for, and how simply it can be implemented.

AI learns the same way humans learn in the sense that you can either manually teach AI with training data, or teach it in a hands-off way by trial & error. The latter is only okay when making errors doesn’t cause a problem. AI learning to play pacman? fine, fail as much as you want. AI learning to drive cars IRL? …


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