I came into a strange, unknown, new place as a transfer from the University of Alabama to the University of Florida. That strange place was called the college of journalism located at Weimer Hall. For me there wasn’t a guide on how not to get lost, but I hope my Story Telling design with Canva can provide some insight on how to navigate your way as a College of journalism student. Tip number one, is to get to know your advisor and to stick with one. The reasoning behind this because as a transfer student often times credits can get mixed up and it is important to have an advisor that understands your situation and can help you. Tip number two is to go to your professor’s office hours. This may be one of the most valuable resources you have as a student, being able to ask for advice in person helps you excel as a student, it also helps you create a bond with your professor. Tip three, network with peers, can be beneficial for when after you graduate and need a job, internship or letter of recommendation. Tip number 4 reminds us that it is important to take advantage of your resources, a great example of a resource is the Career Resource Center. Last, but not least is to stay organized. Staying organized helps you stay on top of assignments and not miss key deadlines and assignments.

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