Superscreen is on Kickstarter!

And why we chose to launch a KS campaign

Kickstarter is one of the most powerful places on the web for building a community around new ideas and product innovations. So we could not be more excited to officially launch our Superscreen campaign on March 20.

The goal of Superscreen from the beginning has been to shift the focus of the tech industry from more is better. We believe in efficiency and empowering the devices that are already in our lives.

We have been so inspired to come up with something that will be disruptive to the traditional upgrade-cycle model. Everything about Superscreen has been designed to help you get the most out of your smartphone experience, not to add another upgradeable-device or feature to your life.

Superscreen is designed, built and fully functional with patents pending. We are currently finalizing contract proposals from three of the best electronics manufacturers in the world, with a strict timeline that Superscreen be ready to ship to backers by the end of this year. Our team could not be more excited to get this build into your hands. We are confident that the innovative technology and first-of-its-kind user experience will blow you away.

We chose Kickstarter for our initial launch because of the community. Plain and simple. And we would greatly appreciate your pledge of support when we launch on Monday, March 20.

And Kickstarter is far from where our vision ends. We are already in the lab designing new ways to make Superscreen even better — both in form and functionality. And this is where we need your help! In a sea of underwhelming products and features, your support and feedback is what will help us craft a previously unimaginable product.

So if you haven’t already, please join our our beta-access community at, where your thoughts and feedback will directly impact the future iterations of this product.

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