Superscreen will change the way you use your smartphone

Kickstarter launching March 20th!

The smartphone is the primary tool we use to engage with the digital world — to connect, entertain, learn, and shop. However, more power and better apps have not lead to a greater experience.

Superscreen is the world’s first portable touch screen that gives you complete control of your smartphone anywhere at anytime on a 10.1-inch HD display.

It’s a new way to experience the digital world which you have set-up on your phone. It does everything a tablet can do, everything a casting product can do, PLUS at just $99, it’s everything in your phone in one affordable great looking device.

Our vision is to remove the redundancy in the tech industry — to shake up the current business model that’s focused more on new product categories and upgrade cycles rather than user experience. Our mission is clear: to make your smartphone more capable and versatile than anything that’s come before.

The size and clarity to take on tasks you’d never consider doing on your small mobile screen.

Superscreen solves the problem of having the greatest technology loaded on your smartphone but being forced to access it through a tiny display. Superscreen allows you to ‘drink’ your digital world instead of sipping it through a straw, and it’s compatible with 97% of smartphones in the world.


Superscreen offers a lot of unique differences in hardware and software, but in the end it’s all about the phenomenally better experience. Here are a few of the many differences:

  1. Less expensive. At just $99, Superscreen has the same size and performance as a $600 Apple iPad, plus zero monthly costs because you don’t need a carrier contract.
  2. No more duplicating your apps on a second device. You never need to sync to the cloud, update your apps, or upgrade your Superscreen.
  3. No Wi-Fi, no monthly contracts, no cords. Turn it on anywhere and it works as long as your phone is on and within 100 feet.
  4. Faster than Wi-Fi. Superscreen transfers data between your phone via a secure SSP connection with no perceived delay and zero-lag.
  5. Better gaming. Better streaming. Immerse yourself in greater detail with a 10.1-inch HD multi-touch display. Experience seamless entertainment with zero-lag or interference.


We are prepping for our Kickstarter on March 13. The current model is complete and ready to move into manufacturing, and it will be ready to ship out November of this year. Our team could not be more excited to get this into your hands. We are confident that the innovative technology and first-of-its-kind user experience will blow you away.

However, this is not where our vision ends. We are already in the lab designing new ways to make Superscreen even better — both in form and functionality. And this is where we need your help. This idea is only as strong as the community behind it, and our next steps require your feedback and support. So sign up on our website to join our beta-access community, where your thoughts and feedback will directly impact the future iterations of this product.

Thanks for all of your support!


Founder Brent Morgan with Instagram star Hailee Bobailee who is blown away by her Superscreen
Feature film star Charlotte McKinney using her Superscreen
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