• Michelle Spencer

    Michelle Spencer

    Passionate about project-based learning, equity & educational reform. Cofounder of Colearn. PBL Works National Faculty. Founder www.clovereducation.com

  • Julie Scarpa

    Julie Scarpa

  • Sue-Ellen Osborne-Ramer

    Sue-Ellen Osborne-Ramer

  • Robert Swirsky

    Robert Swirsky

    CTO and Co-Founder of Virtual Airwaves, Inc. — Erlang, GPGPU, Imaging, Signal Processing. Silicon Valley / Tel Aviv

  • Lori Jaye Goldman

    Lori Jaye Goldman

  • Lizzy K

    Lizzy K

  • Dan Kosmayer

    Dan Kosmayer

    Founder & CEO of Kozzi Images - Leader in providing stunning images at very affordable prices / Passionate Photographer and Microstock Blogger

  • joe d

    joe d

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