The Rising Importance of Event and Content Marketing

With 45 percent of businesses now investing in events as part of their marketing strategies, event marketing has become an extremely popular and effective way for businesses to deliver messages to their consumers. Events serve an important role in communities — they bring a large amount of like-minded people together for one common purpose. People today no longer want to simply be bystanders of a brand or business, they want to be participants at heart. As a result, the utility of events allows business to make that connection with their customers.

However, finding events as a consumer and promoting events as a host can be challenging. Through a platform like Vuevent, a leader in event discovery, management and promotion, we create a bridge between the events businesses create and customers who care in a feed that’s personalized to benefit both attendants and hosts alike. On top of that, we provide a deep-analytical backend so businesses can know the most about their customers, potential customers and geo-centric market; all provided with an intelligent database marketing solution.

Vuevent app

Events add an important element to a business marketing strategy. It generates an unconditional value for a customer, which goes beyond the physical element of a product or service. Not only are people inclined to visit a venue or establishment based on their location, aesthetics or service, but also for a specific event. When a customer shows up to an event they are genuinely interested about, they are more likely to come back and be a returning customer. Regardless of the location, aesthetics or service.

In fact, for a lot of businesses, events are becoming the central piece to their marketing strategy. Take for example a coffee shop. It may have a strong base for returning customers but the owner is struggling to find a lot of new ones. The owner has tried email campaigns, but only has so many emails in their database. By hosting a weekly jazz show, poetry slam or community weekly discussion, they open up a new market of customers who have interest in their events. As a result, more people come to their events, end up enjoying the venue or what they have to offer, and are now part of their returning customer database.

It isn’t hard to realize that people like giving their own opinions about what they like and don’t like. Through event marketing a product’s function can easily increase its features and further benefit customers. When people show up on their own terms to events they are passionate about, they are more comfortable with letting their thoughts be expressed, weather consciously or self-consciously. This is a powerful result of events that not many businesses take advantage of.

Take a lesson from Nike.

They created a running event that challenged women to run more, run faster and create a fitness community all around the world. To help runners for the race they created a training program, which incorporated guidance for the ideal running footwear and apparel. By allowing people who love to run, to try and talk to each other about their product they created and designed better technology that has led to better running shoes and apparel for their company. This event that started a decade ago is now the world’s largest race series for women. Not only did Nike let their customers share and be part of an experience, which is valued, but they advanced and made better products all with one event.

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important as well. The creation and sharing of media content is an efficient strategy for customer acquisition. This can be done through a variety of medias, for whichever is most suitable for the particular business. With Vuevent, we have a variety of different outlets including: social media, white papers, blogs, case studies, video, photos and other digital platforms. It is a great way to engage a variety of customers and potential customers based on what they respond to most favorably. Content marketing can also be wrapped in to the events the business hosts. At Vuevent, a key component to the event creation is the propagation. We call it event creation propagation. Basically, from one central dashboard, a business can create an event and send it to a myriad of digital media outlets to get the most out of every event that a business publishes.

In all, hosting/marketing events can be a serious revenue and new customer generator. It is important to do it the right way, though. Establishing a target market and promoting locally can pay dividends. From there, a business will see a strong increase in user acquisition, customer retention and community support. Hosting events is a no-brainer for a marketing strategy in today’s day and age.