Kyrie, ‘Beckies’, & ‘Bunnies’ — OH, MY!

Let me start by saying this ISN’T an article on why Kyrie should’ve invited women of his own ethnicity to his yacht party. THIS is an article about why it’s none of our damn business.

In 2016 with all the REAL racial prejudice and injustices going on in the world, equal opportunity hoeing should truthfully be the least of our concerns.

My biggest and most relevant reason why no one should really care about who he wants to motorboat with is the fact that he never publicly bashed or talked down on or about any other ethnic background. For that reason alone everyone really just needs to have all the available seats and find something else to twiddle your thumbs about.

Again, this being 2016 I’m more surprised at the fact that people are shocked that an African American athlete is in a party scenario with a bunch of white folk. I mean, come on, he certainly isn’t the first. With all these O.J. miniseries and documentaries being forced down our throats every other month I’d think society wouldn’t even bat an eye at this.

It feels like most of the side eyeing and eyerolling is coming hugely from women in the African-American community, a community I belong to and have no qualms about calling out if necessary. Are we really going to get mad because we want to see a boat full of black and latina women shaking their asses? Honestly, you’d say he’s demeaning black women if it were boatload of Buffy the Body instead of who he chose to have aboard.

You do realize at the end of the day that’s what all this is about. What it’s all boiling down to is the fact that all this dialogue is about wanting to see someone who looks like you being given the opportunity to “come up” or whatever the case may be. If those are the rights you want to fight for then so be it, I’ll be sure to mute you and carry on my fantasies about Tom Hardy and Tim Tebow!