Power of Taking Action:

Every day i talk to people about there current situation, there current truths and excuses to there life curcumstance. There worries to the way i live my life.

You see i speak to people around my age or alot older then me, They speak about there job and how there earning all this cash, having a Girlfriend or wife and kids.

They complain about the same things no matter what there going through. MONEY & TIME. Not having enough money to do the things that they want to do but then not having enough time.

Of course my Curcumstances are different to yours but that doesn’t mean you can’t take action for your own terms.

I took actions to change what i wanted. I was working on a day job i didn’t like and using my energy in a place that i didn’t want too. I was living in a place i enjoyed but was never really there to experience it.

When i realised i could do anything and be anybody my mindset shifted, I was at a day job and had hobbies in my free time (Weeknights & Weekends).

I woke up to myself and realised i could use those hobbies or interest too build an income for myself, I then worked out how much i needed to cover my expences.

Once that was done, I quit. Moved out, Cut my expences in half. Now living with little and making little but traded that for all the time in the world to do whatever i wanted to achieve.

What people do on the weekend, i now do every single day. There is absolutley nothing stopping you from doing the same.

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